Analysis of Dafeng Hubei Operation Center - "Following Dafeng" Series Report 2

——Reporter Dialogue Dafeng Lighting Marketing Director Hu Mingbo At the first national distributor conference of Dafeng Lighting on September 12, Dafeng Lighting Chairman Chen Chuangcun and Hubei Dafeng Lighting Trade Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhao Xiuxin both hands Tightly grasped, Dafeng Hubei Operation Center was announced, which is the first operation center of Dafeng Lighting. Obviously, the Hubei market is the pilot area for the operation mode of Dafeng Lighting's start-up operation center, and the Hubei operation center will play the role of “modeling” for “opening the mountain”, and its importance is self-evident. If she can operate successfully, then Dafeng will accelerate the process of promoting the new model marketing strategy of the operation center nationwide. What is the current progress of Dafeng Hubei Operation Center? What is the mode of operation? What is her core competitiveness? Recently, Dafeng Lighting Marketing Director Hu Mingbo accepted an interview with this reporter to analyze the Dafeng Hubei Operation Center. Reporter on the progress of the expected orbit (hereinafter referred to as the note): Hello Hu, Dafeng Hubei Operation Center has been established for more than a month, how is her current progress? Hu Mingbo (hereinafter referred to as Hu): The Hubei Operation Center is progressing well and is following our expected track. At present, the image store of Wuhan Hanlai Plaza Dafeng Operation Center has been renovated, and some specialty stores have also entered the decoration stage. More than 20 people in the operation center are in place and enter the actual operation stage. In the past month, with the cooperation of regional managers, the operation center conducted a carpet investigation on all prefecture-level cities and more than 80% of county-level markets in Hubei, and visited a large number of customers, achieving two goals: First, maximizing the improvement. Dafeng’s popularity and influence in the Hubei market; secondly, it has achieved the purpose of attracting investment. At present, more than 30 merchants have confirmed their intention to cooperate with the operation center. They have expressed their full potential for the development of Dafeng in the Hubei market. confidence. Here, I have revealed a good news. The Hubei Operations Center Dealer Conference will be held in Wuhan in early November. During the conference, the operation center will hold various promotional activities and launch a set of effective promotion programs in conjunction with the Hubei market. Senior executives such as the chairman of the board will attend the conference. Reporter: You mentioned that there are more than 20 supporting personnel in the operation center. They are all in place. How do you configure these people? Hu: The headquarters has allocated a total of 22 personnel to the operation center. The specific arrangements are as follows: the resident manager, project manager, financial officer, order center, warehouse manager, driver, and salesman, as well as in Hubei. Dafeng marketing elite with 10 people working intensively. They all have strong business and coordination skills, especially in the spirit of hard work. I believe that with their support and cooperation, the operation center will develop stably and rapidly. Operation mode Operation center mode is the mainstream: The operation center mode is a relatively advanced channel mode. It has been running for several years in relatively mature industries such as home appliances and mobile phones, but in the lighting industry, its appearance is nearly one. Two years of things. How do you see the development prospects of the operation center model in the lighting industry? Hu: The operation center model has just started in the lighting industry, but its emergence is the inevitable result of the lighting industry from product competition, to channel competition, to industry reshuffle, and finally to brand development. With the continuous development of the industry and the company itself, the market reaction of the traditional general agent system is slow, the supply speed is slow, the promotion cost is too high, the capital pressure is high, the service is not in place, and the shortcomings of the goods are weak, and so on. With the development and growth of manufacturers, channel reform is imperative, and the operation center model can effectively solve and avoid the drawbacks of traditional general agent system. The operation center is equivalent to the branch office set by the manufacturer in a certain regional market. The management background and logistics functions of the company are moved to the front line of the market. The operation center forms a transaction, logistics distribution, service, marketing, management and consultant with the franchisee. A guided, all-round strategic partnership. However, most companies in the industry can only provide dealers with only the transaction and service level. In contrast, the operation center model has obvious advantages, and this relationship is closely related to the three parties of the enterprise, operation center and franchisee. Community of interests, symbiosis and win-win. As the industry continues to mature, operational models such as operations centers and logistics centers will become the mainstream of the lighting industry channels. With five core competitiveness records: After all, the specific operation of the current operation center model is still relatively vague in the industry. Now Dafeng test the water operation center model, showing the determination of Dafeng's channel transformation. Where is the core competitiveness of Dafeng Hubei Operation Center? Is the specific operation the same as the operation centers of other manufacturers?

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