"4 golden rules" to help you solve your smart TV purchase problems

According to data from third-party research companies, television has been the leader of global media spending. Although TV has been declining in recent years, in 2015, users spent an average of 177 minutes a day watching TV, and ranked second in the Internet. The time spent is 110 minutes.

Actually, according to the author's understanding, TV is currently the most popular media in the world and may be related to the concept of user consumption that has always been formed. Because regardless of the user's usual need to watch TV, the standard TV in the home living room has become an unassailable iron law. However, facing the dazzling brand on the market today, how to choose a television that is suitable for them is the heart of most users.

In simple terms, we don’t need to pay attention to the manufacturer’s excessive slogan and details. Just focus on the following four points.

First look at the price:

The so-called "cost-effectiveness" is reflected in both performance and price levels. The simple competition parameters have become the lower level of the "cost-effectiveness" stage. Now we are considering the need to configure high-end, price-appropriate people, but also to do exquisite workmanship and quality assurance. For example, Coocaa, due to the genes of Skyworth, a traditional TV giant, Skyworth used its advantages in manufacturing, technology, industry chain, channels, and after-sales for 28 years to occupy the market share ranking among the current traditional TV manufacturers. 2 people. Cool Open shares the advantages of Skyworth on various resources, and naturally there will be no problems in quality work. At the same time, Kukai is positioned as an Internet brand, naturally taking an advantage in the ordinary sense of “cost-effectiveness” and innovative thinking. With a combination of hatchbacks, the comprehensive advantages of Cool Open are fully displayed.

(Cool open 50A2 HiFi big content TV)

Look again:

The greatest purpose of TV is to watch the content of the video program. The general content determines the level of the overall experience. In terms of content, the actual difference is not great. Regardless of whether it is self-operated content or third-party cooperation content, the richness of its program content for users is basically only the difference in details and personal hobbies. LeTV has "content" ecology. Xiaomi has a "major video network alliance" approach, but Kuaikai has a "big content", which is based on in-depth cooperation with various premium content providers, combined with their own big data analysis. Advantages, to provide users with "thousands of people" precision content push service. Relatively speaking, because cool open has precise push, it may be easier to get the user's approval.

The third look at the functional requirements:

Current smart TVs are not limited to viewing video content. Now there is a need for different aspects such as games and education, and different development directions. Therefore, when choosing a television, first ask what you want to meet the most, and then the right medicine will have a better effect.

(Cool open A43)

Finally see the right crowd:

In essence, TV products are used by home users, but home users generally include three different groups of the elderly, young people and children. The details of the three groups are different. The old people focus on simple operations and young people. People pay attention to rich programs and children focus on health education.

If it is only for a specific user group purchase, it can be purchased according to the needs of the group; but if it is located in the entire family, we must consider the difference in the detailed needs of different groups. At this time, choosing a TV that can effectively distinguish between them will bring about a more comfortable experience. For example, cool-running TVs and the three main operating modes of “elderly mode”, “youth mode” and “children mode” can be used. Come in handy.

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