3 Line Mixer Circuit (3 Line Mixer)

3 Line Mixer Circuit (3 Line Mixer)

This project is a 3 or more lines mixer. For more than 3 inputs you can repeat the input parts (P = 10K R = 22K). It powered with 9Vdc.

Componets Layout

PCB (5,5cm x 4,4cm)

• Input/output Modules – Modular industrial grade I/O requiring no special handling, user addressing or configuration. Up to 128 modules per controller of analog, discrete, digital bus and special turbine-related I/O is available, including advanced fault diagnostics and channel isolation.

• Advant Ovation Interface (AOI) – A Gateway server connects each safety division data network to the non-safety real-time data network, providing strict one-way flow of real-time safety system data for display and control. Data flow is strictly one way from the safety to the non-safety subsystem.

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