2008 interior lighting popular: neoclassical (Photos)

The era when a family is illuminated by a light bulb and a light pipe has passed, and now people have to pursue fashion in the bathroom. The luminaires have ended the era of single lighting functions, and people are paying more and more attention to its decorative functions when selecting lamps. What kind of lamps are popular in 2008?

The reporter learned that this year's lighting products are more able to show personality. The popular lighting products on the market are simple in shape, fine in workmanship, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and have shifted from the previous single color to multi-color. In addition, neoclassical lighting is also one of the popular styles this year.

New crystal lamp

Slimming crystal lights are more romantic

The reporter saw in the Huayi Decoration Materials City Qiandeng Store that in the past, the place where the luxury chandelier was hung was hung with various stylish and simple crystal lamps. The store manager Liang Guojian said that lighting is becoming more and more important for the creation of a family atmosphere, and the owner's personality can be seen from the lighting.

In 2008, the lighting products, on the one hand, worked hard to create an atmosphere, such as LED crystal lamps, which are simpler than traditional crystal lamps in shape, and can change four different colors such as light blue, yellowish, all-light and white light. Different lighting effects can be changed according to the current atmosphere. In addition, the panel of the lamp is made of Stainless Steel and feels more modern and stylish.

crystal Light

Colorful crystal lamps add charm

Engraving Time Manager Wan Xiaoling said that the crystal lamp has always been one of the main lighting fixtures in the living room lighting. This year's modern crystal low-pressure lamps are more popular than traditional luxury crystal lamps. The new crystal lamp is made up of lamp beads and glass strips or Alec strips. The lamp beads refract light, creating a beautiful and romantic atmosphere for the family and easy to replace. Compared with traditional luxury crystal lamps made up of light bulbs and crystal balls or crystal sand, the new crystal lamps are simpler, more refreshing and energy-saving.

Gu Feifei, the store manager of the Tiffany Lighting Store, said that it was a popular neoclassical lighting this year. Compared with the traditional crystal lamp, the figure is not huge, the material is different from the traditional luxury chandelier, the metal arm is changed to the art glass arm, the crystal ball has various colors, white, rose red, yellow, etc., which is simple and generous. Romantic, and a little more charm.

Realistic flower wall lamp

More delicate and more user-friendly design

In addition to the slimming trend of crystal chandeliers in 2008, other lamps have also undergone many changes. The pursuit of natural environmental protection is a popular concept in home decoration in recent years. It is also reflected in lighting, such as wall lamps and chandeliers for flower combinations, and Chinese classical lamps with bamboo and sheepskin structure. At the same time, humane care is also reflected in the development of lamps, such as nightlights, suitable for children and people walking around at night. The function of the luminaire is further refined. For example, the wall lamp and the aisle lamp are also clearly distinguished. There is also a cartoon lamp designed for children. The wood material is selected, which is more environmentally safe than the plastic material.

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