16 manufacturers compete for 60,000 LED streetlights in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

A total of 60,000 baht of Kaohsiung LED street light standards will be reviewed on January 8 for a one-week vendor rating. It is understood that this time, including a total of 16 manufacturers, including Everlight, Guangbao, Guanglin, Shunhong, Delta, and Hexi. The delivery schedule for the standard plan is 6 months ago and is expected to add momentum to the company's operations in the first half of this year.

Taiwan LED street lamp replacement standard was originally planned to be carried out in the second half of 2012. However, because the product certification test period takes 6 months, the overall bidding progress has been delayed until October last year, of which about 30,000 baht in Taipei At the end of last year, the final winners were selected. Although they were robbed by Guanglin, they obtained about 6,000 盏 and 8,000 标 respectively. However, Everlight came to the forefront and won a bid of about 16,000 baht, while Everlight also won a 3,000-inch warm-colored LED street light last year. It was the champion of Taiwan's LED streetlights last year.

For the LED streetlight standard, Yiguang Chairman Ye Yufu said that the government should take this opportunity to train key manufacturers of LED street lamps in Taiwan, so that the technology of Taiwan LED factories can be fully utilized, and Taiwan can become a demonstration street for LED street lamps through the standard. In turn, it will become the best indicator for future Taiwanese companies to enter the world to seize the business opportunities of LED street lamps worldwide.

The next five LED streetlights are marked, as well as New Taipei City, Tainan City and Taichung City. Among them, there are about 42,000 baht in New Taipei City and 52,000 baht in Tainan City, which will be a must for manufacturers.

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